Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Travel Guide

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. It is the sparkling jewel of this country and a heady mix of nationalities and cultures. Here, Malaysia’s rich past had blended into a futuristic metropolis. Kuala Lumpur has Malaysia’s fastest growing economy and with a frantic pace of life and an ultra-modern skyline, it allows you to experience the 21st century Malaysia.

This dynamic city is more than just a modern city, it had a colorful and rich history. This can easily be seen in many of its colonial era buildings found among the towering skyscrapers. There are also beautiful hillside temples that offer visitors a tranquil escape from the modern city life chaos.

Bukit Bintang
Bukit Bintang is the shopping heart of Kuala Lumpur. It offers its visitors a colorful and exciting adventure around every corner. The streets here are bursting with several shopping opportunities. Bukit Bintang has more than enough to satisfy a wide variety of taste from affordable roadside bargains to the most extravagant indulgence.

Jalan Pataling Street
The dazzling sounds and colors of this street in Chinatown attract both locals and tourists alike. It is a bargain hunter’s paradise with a wide variety of goods on display. There are also a vast array of drinks and foods on offer, with rich aromas and flavors that are tempting to resist. The night markets have a friendly and laid back atmosphere where you can relax with a cold beer after shopping all day.

Petronas Twin Towers
The Petronas Twin Towers is situated in the center of Kuala Lumpur. It occupies about a hundred acres of real estate and rises dramatically to a height of more than 450 meters. It not only houses parks, science and cultural centers but it provides several leisure and recreation activities for everyone.

The Aquaria is within walking distance from the Petronas Twin Towers. It is an aquarium casing over 5,000 different exhibits of aquatic and land-bound creatures. There is a ton to see and do here, as well as lots of marine wildlife to explore and see. It is one of the better aquariums in Asia.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park
It is the world’s largest free-flight walk-in aviary set in a sprawling valley. This renowned echo tourism park is home to more than 3000 birds. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is an amazing spot if you are a fan of nature and amazing birds. Ensure you take some sunscreen and hats to protect yourself from the sun. You will definitely be amazed by the many little birds you will see here.

Kuala Lumpur is a city rich in culture and history with an endless variety offering visitors modern luxury and flavors of the people.


Merida, Yucatan Travel Guide

Merida is the capital city of the Mexican state of Yucatan. Although this peninsula is famous for its resort, this city is Yucatan epicenter of history, culture, and Mayan pride. Here are the top must-see attractions in Merida, Yucatan.

Plaza Grande

Plaza Grande is at the heart of the city. It is a relaxed square surrounded by some of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Many of these buildings were built from the stones of the Mayan temples which were once here.

Casa de Montejo

Casa de Montejo is the oldest building in Merida; it was built by the founding Conquistador of the city. Step inside the lavish interiors and shady courtyards of this residence which has been the Montejo dynasty’s home for more than four centuries.

Merida Cathedral

The Merida Cathedral is just across the square. Its altarpiece symbolizes the reconciliation between the Spanish and Maya people.

Contemporary Art Museum

At the Contemporary Art Museum, you will get to discover modern sculptures which display works by some of the most thought-provoking and popular artists of this region.

Hidalgo Park

Radiating from this place are pastel streets filled with cool parks and architectural treasures. Hidalgo Park is just a block away. It is an oasis surrounded by charming hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

The Jose Peon Contreas Theatre

The Jose Peon Contreas Theatre is home to the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra. Yucatan was the center of henequen production in the late 1800s and Merida fast became one of the wealthiest cities in the world.

Pasa de Montejo

This avenue was inspired by Paris great boulevards and you will find many stately homes of Yucatan’s elites here. You can also visit the Casa Montes Molina, a preserved mansion where you can experience the patinas and scents of a bygone era.

The Museum of the City of Merida

This city is filled with windows into the past such as its various museums which covers everything from the folk arts of Mexico to the Yucatan song. The Museum of the City of Merida charts the turbulent and rich history of this city. Once the residence a former general and governor, Palacio Canton is today home to the Yucatan Anthropology and History Museum.

The Great Museum of the Mayan World

This museum creates a striking contrast to the historic streetscapes of Merida. This building was inspired by the ceiba tree form which the Maya believed was a bridge to the underworld and heavens. The collections inside are the ideal gateway to civilization which has since captured the imaginations of anthropologists and explorers. One of such adventurers was Frederick Catherwood, an Englishman.